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Learning About Merging Cases in Dynamics CRM 2016

Let’s talk about the what goes behind the scene when you merge two or more cases together. This post particularly focuses on what happens to associated data with a case like activities, attachments, child cases etc.

First of all you can merge following entities only

  • Accounts
  • Cases
  • Leads
  • Contacts

let’s look at what will be merged into the parent and what is not. Here I have a case titled as “3D Printer Support – A Parent Case”

Parent Case


The parent case has a task, an email and a phone activity plus there is a child case associated with it for the same customer.


Now let’s look at the case which would be merge into the parent case shown above. The case has emails, phone calls, tasks and appointments activities



Now open All cases view and select both cases as shown in below screen shots and click on merge cases on the ribbon bar


you will be prompted with a dialogue box as shown below. Here you will need to select the case to which you want to merge the other case(s) intomerge5

Now let’s see the result. The result is as shown in the below screen shots

#Main Case


#2 the other case which was merged into


So the actual result is

  1. The case which was merged into another is as shown in screen shot #2 is updated with status=Cancelled and status reason= merged
  2. All activities like phone calls, tasks, appointments are moved to the main case. note that Dynamics will move all those activities irrespective of their status (Completed or in progress)
  3. The child of the case which was merged into another becomes the child of the main case

What will not be merged?

  1. Important to note here is that the EMAIL ACTIVTIES are not moved to the main case and are still associated with the case which was merged into the other #2
  2. If the email activity has an attachment this will also not be merged

Happy Merging!!


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