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SharePoint 2010- Document Sets-Introduction


Document Set is new feature added to SharePoint 2010’s document management capabilities. This a great feature to manage different set of documents within one document library. Document Set is very similar to folder within a document library but it comes with a lot of great useful features.

Document Set enables users to group multiple documents, that support a single project or task, together into a single entity. All documents in a Document Set share the metadata and the entire set can also be versioned.

Example of Document Sets

1) If you want to have a document library named Training. Training Document Library may content below set of documents

  • Course Content
  • Presentation
  • Books for Reference
  • Hands on Lab

For this you Could easily create a new Document library and then enable Document Sets for the document library. Then you can create 4 document sets as shown in below picture

Steps to create Document Library and Document Set

  • Enable Document Set Feature (Site Collection Feature)
    • Navigate to Site Collection Feature & Enable “Document Sets” Feature as shown in below picture


  • Create a New Document Library First
    • Click on Site Action ==> More Option ==> “Document Library” from available templates


    • Enter name as “Trainings”
    • After the Document library is created, navigate to Library (Ribbon Tab) ==>Library Setting ==> Advanced Settings ==>  Content Type and select Allow Management of Content type (see below screen shot)



    • Now Navigate to
    • Trainings ==> Document Library Settings ==>
      Content Types ==> Add from existing site content types ==> Select “Document Set” Content Type from Available Site Content Types ==> Click Add ==> Click OK

      (This will associate your document library to OOB Document Sets Content Type


  • Create Document Sets within Trainings Document Library
    • With in Document Library ==> Select Document Ribbon Tab ==> Click on arrow of New Document Button ==> Select Document Set


    • Enter Name as “Course Content” and enter some description


    • Follow above steps to create below Document sets
        • Presentation
        • Books for Reference
        • Hands on Lab

Training Document Library will look like as shown in below screen shot


& each Document set view is as shown in below screen shots (Welcome Page). This page can be used to upload documents to the document set, create/define properties, assign workflow, define view.


Below is the ribbon control for document set.

Some considerations:

  • Folders are not allowed in a Document set
  • You can not use Metadata Navigation in a document set
  • No limit on number of documents in a document set however the display load is limited by list view threshold (which is 5,000 items)

In this post I explained about what is Document Sets and how to create/associate. I am going to explain about customization of Document Sets Content type, Programmatically create “Document Sets”


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