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Part 2: Installation of Search Server 2010 Express

In my previous blog  Part 1: Introduction to Search Server 2010 Express I have written about introduction to SSE 2010. Also please do not forget to read some insight about the requirements and topology in first post  Search Server 2010 Express–Introduction, Installation & Configuration. In this blog I am going to walkthrough steps required for installation of Search Server 2010 Express (I will refer this as SSE 2010) on SharePoint Foundation Server 2010 ( I will refer this as SFS 2010).

I have a 3-tier web farm consisting of

1) An Application Server

2) A Web Front End Server

3) A Database Server


1) SFS 2010 with one Application Server running Central Administrating Site and other services

2) SFS 2010 with one Web Front End Server hosting Web application

3) SQL Server Database server hosting databases required for SFS 2010

4) Download SSE 2010 from here

Permission Required

1) Service account under which the Central Admin site’s Application pool is running should have ‘DB Creator’ and ‘SecurityAdmin’ rights.

Note: These permission are important other wise configuration of Search Service will fail with SQL Exception “User does not have permission”. I was able to resolve this by referring this great post. Click

Steps to be followed on Application Server

1) Log into Application Server using user/service account who is a member of Admin Group on the box.

2) Click on EXE “searchserverexpress.exe”.

3) A dialogue box will appear as shown in below picture.


4) Next, click on “install software prerequisite

5) After all prerequisite are installed, a dialogue box will appear on status of each components whether those are installed or not. Please make sure to read the full list before going ahead.

6) Now click on “Install Search Server Express”

7) A dialogue message box about “Read the Microsoft Software License Terms” will pop up. Tick “I accept the terms of this agreement”. Click “Continue” button.

8) A dialogue box “Choose a file location” will appear, select the right drive & path and click “Install now”

9) This will install the SSE 2010 on Application Server.

10) After the installation is done a dialogue box  “Run Configuration Wizards” appears, select the check box “Run the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard now” and click on Close.

11) Now SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard starts.

12) On the Welcome to SharePoint Products screen, click Next.

13) Click Yes on Dialogue box confirmation of Service reset.

14) On the Completing Configuration wizard screen Click “Next”

15) When the Configuration Successful screen, click Finish. The default Search Center opens. This completes the  installation.

16) Then IE will pop up and direct user to Central Administration page asking “How do you want to configure your SharePoint farm?” Click “Cancel” button as We will manually configure the search Service.

17) Restart and reboot the SharePoint Application server.

Note:Please note that installer will identify the role of application server, based on that it will deploy services accordingly

Verification of Installation.

To verify whether everything is installed properly

1) Open Central Admin Site and Click on Manage Services on Server from “System Setting” heading.

2) Select Application Server from Drop down.

3) Ensure that “SharePoint Server Search” is running on Application Server.

Steps to be followed on Web Front End Server

We need to follow same step as followed on Application server. This is required for Service called “Search Query and Site setting Service”.

Note:Please note that installer will identify the role of web front end server, based on that it will deploy services accordingly

Verification of Installation.

To verify whether everything is install property

1) Open Central Admin Site and Click on Manage Services on Server from “System Setting” heading.

2) Select Web Front End Server from Drop down.

3) Ensure that “Search Query and Site setting Service” is running.

That’s it for installation. In the next article I am going to write about configuration of SharePoint Search Service on application Server.




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21 thoughts on “Part 2: Installation of Search Server 2010 Express

  1. Hello,

    I would like to install this on a Windows 7 machine. I am not able to do this but I was able to install a development SharePoint site on my Windows 7 box.

    Is there a workaround for Search Server?

      1. I am trying to set search server up on windows 7, and I am at a stopping point. I was wondering if you could help! I have tried to install with compatibility mode set to windows 2008, but windows 7 only lets me set that to 2008 SP1, and searchserver express, requires SP2, do you have any workarounds? Thanks in advance, and great articles!

      2. Hi Nick,

        I want to understand your configuration. Please provide me your system details.

        1) Win 7- Which version?
        2) Is SP 2010 installed and working fine?
        3) What version of SP 2010 standard or Enterprise?

  2. Hi Pathik,

    Thanks for your nice articles on Search Server 2010 Express.
    I need some help for one of the requirement in my project.

    I am working on VS2010,C#, Asp.Net 4.0
    I have a web page where I need to provide a search text box to user.
    User enters searchtext and I need to get search results from a share point site.
    For this i need to use Microsoft SearchServer2010 to fetch search results from sharepoint.

    For example, when user searches “CONSULTING” then using SearchServer2010, search this word in sharepoint content pages or all documents in it and display all related links where this keyword macthes in .aspx page.

    Please help me or point to some websites how to configure SearchServer2010, I have sharepoint URL that i need to search, so how to pre-configure SearchServer with this URL and how to query and display results etc. in normal aspx webpage.

    1. Hi Sreekanth,

      You need to do 2 things here

      This could be easily achieved by using Search APIs. Follow below steps.

      1) Configure search server express- to do this you can follow my post
      2) for searching from a custom page- you need to query the search using search APIs. please follow below for more details. And then showing the result using XSLT/Grid/Table whatever way you want on custom page.


      Let me know if you need more information

  3. Hi,
    Can we install search server 2010 on Windows 7? If yes, how ?
    I am using Windows 7 professional edition, installed Sharepoint server 2010.


  4. I have Windows 7 64 bit and when I tried the install software prerequisites, I get this error, This tool does not support the current operating system.

  5. Hi,
    I want to install Search Server on 64 bit Win 7. Please tell me how to extract the files from the downloaded executable. Also, what changes need to be done in the XML file.

    1. Hi,
      Step 1: Copy the SearchServerExpress.exe installation file to a folder on the computer where you are installing SharePoint and doing your development, such as in the following path:

      Step 2: Extract the installation files by opening a Command Prompt window, and then typing the following command at the directory location of the folder where you copied the installation files in the previous step
      C:\SearchServer\SearchServerExpress /extract:C:\SearchServer

      Step 3: Using a text editor such as Notepad, open the installation configuration file, config.xml, located in the following path:
      Add this line inside the tag:

      (This line will be come the last line inside tag)
      Run Setup

      1. Hello, I’m very interesting in getting Search Server Express to run on WIndows 7. Your information looks promising, but the actual line to add to the XML file is missing. It says only
        “Add this line inside the tag:

        Please post the text of the line to add to config.xml.

        THANK YOU!

      2. For those who need it, here is the XML change (which is missing from Tungnguyen’s post) needed to install Search Server Express on Windows 7 is:

        Just add the ‘Setting Id’ line to the existing Configuration section in config.xml; leave the other lines alone. It worked like a charm on my Win7 Enterprise sandbox.

        I found it here:
        “Setting Up the Development Environment for SharePoint 2010 on Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008”

  6. Hello Pathik,
    Thanks for these nice articles. They are very helpful.
    I am trying to install SP 2010 Foundation with SQL Server 2012 backend DB along with Search 2010 Express. My understanding is that I need SP1 for SharePoint Foundation for it to work. However I don’t see SP1 for Search 2010 Express; there is SP1 for Search 2010 but not for Express. Should I install Search 2010 Express, SP Foundation SP1 and Search Server 2010 SP1 (in the order specified) for it to work with SQL Server 2012? Please help. The documentation is not clear on this. Thanks in advance.

  7. I have to thank you for the efforts you have put in penning this blog.
    I’m hoping to view the same high-grade content from you in the future as well. In truth, your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my own site now 😉

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