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Part 1 – Brief about Search Server 2010 Express


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Microsoft Search Server 2010 is an enterprise search solution that is free to download, easy to configure and yet powerful.

Microsoft Search Server 2010 Express is

  • Free to download from Microsoft
  • Find content faster with metadata driven refinement panel and narrows the results based on managed properties
  • The main disadvantage is that “It can be used only on one Farm”
  • It allows user to search from Windows 7 desktop.


    Microsoft has added many features to Search Server 2010 Express.

    1) Query Suggestions: Query suggestions for end users. Users see the Query suggestion as they type queries as well as suggestion after they run queries, this is accomplished by “Did you mean” suggestion.

    Note: Remember these suggestions are based on past queries from other users

    2) Related Searches: A web part showing related searches for the given query.

    3) Multiple Sources: The following connectors come out of the box in Search Server 2010 Express:

    • SharePoint sites

    • Windows file shares

    • Exchange public folders

    • Lotus Notes

    • Web sites

    • IFilters for additional repositories

    • Structured content in databases

    • Federation object model

    4) Relevance Model: Incorporate your workforce’s preferences and behavior into the relevance model. Extracted metadata and phrase matching also affect document rank.

    5) Scale up to 10 Millions Items: It can scale up 10 Millions items.

    Overall Search Server Express 2010 is good choice for SharePoint Foundation 2010 and if you have less data for search. Also remember the limitation of Search Server Express 2010 that it can be used on one web farm only.


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    13 thoughts on “Part 1 – Brief about Search Server 2010 Express

    1. Hi,

      I want to use Search Server 2010 Express with SharePoint Foundation 2010 (for public facing Internet site). Is license required for any of these two if I have the license for Windows Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008 R2 ?


    2. Hi
      I searched a lot about this on internet but to no avail!

      Can SSE 2010 Express be upgraded to Sharepoint Server 2010 Standard or Sharepoint Server Enterprise later on.

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