SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 – Caching Data & Objects to improve performance

To improve the performance of SharePoint Web application, SharePoint caches data. SharePoint Installation has at least one SQL sever/Express database instance. SharePoint stores almost everything (data & configuration) into SQL Server, this includes large Documents, List item data, Images etc. When a Page is Requested, the Web Front-end Server retrieves data from SQL Server.

Mainly there are 3 Cache techniques SharePoint uses.

1) The BLOB Cache

2) The Output Cache

3) The Object Cache

Let us see How these are useful!!

1) The BLOB Cache

BLOB Cache does 2 things

1) In this technique SharePoint Caches Frequently used files like (CSS, JavaScript,Images etc which are stored in SQL Server) on SharePoint Web Server’s File Systems.

2) BLOB cache also adds cache control header to HTTP Response for the files it serves. These Files are then Stored in Browser’s Cache. this also reduce the round trip to Web server from Browser.

2) The Output Cache

SharePoint uses cache mechanism for output cache. In this mechanism SharePoint stores Rendered ASPX pages per Web application.

This is native feature of SharePoint 2010 & it is built on Caching techniques. This can be configured at Site Collection level and sub site level.

Please refer MSDN for more detail:

Output Caching and Cache Profiles in SharePoint Server 2010 (ECM)

3) The Object Cache

The object cache mechanism caches meta data information for object like SPWeb and SPSite. So when a page is being rendered and this requires some meta data about those objects, SharePoint retrieves data from Cache instead of Database.

I hope above high level information helps you to deep dive into each of cache technique.



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