SharePoint 2010

Basics of Web Content Management

SharePoint 2010 provides Web content Management (WCM) features by using Publishing Site Features. These Features provides Master Pages, Layout Pages, Content Types, Workflows, Lists.

Site Templates

SharePoint 2010 provides 2 main site templates

  • Publishing Portal: Publishing portal can be used for Internet and Intranet facing Publishing Site.


  • Enterprise Wiki: Enterprise Wiki Site is used for Intranet site which provides wiki based Publishing features.


SharePoint 2010 does not limit Publishing Features for above templates only but Publishing Features can be activated even for other templates like Team Site etc. SharePoint 2010 enables Publishing Features at Site Collection level as well as Site Level.

Below are 2 features

  • Office SharePoint Publishing Infrastructure Features: This feature is available at  Site Collection level.
  • Office SharePoint Publishing Feature: This features is available at site level. This is feature is dependent on Office SharePoint Publishing Infrastructure Feature.


The above 2 features are Activated by default when Publishing Portal or Enterprise Wiki site templates is used.


Components of Publishing Features

When publishing Features are activated, this provisions below listed components and they are made part of your Site.

  • Page Library
  • Site columns
  • Content Types
  • Layouts
  • Master Pages
  • Lists
  • Workflows

Page Library

The Page Library is nothing but Document Library which stores Pages. It provides Document Management Features for all Web pages stored in it. This is achieved by below key complements of Content Management System.

  • Check-In/ Check-Out
  • Minor Version/Major Version
  • Publish Action
  • Approval Workflow with Approve and Reject Action


Author of content checks out the Pages to add/update content. And then After adding/updating changes are checked in by Author.

Minor Version/Major Version

When Author just checks in pages these changes are not visible to other users as these are stored as minor version. 

Publish Action

The Author then making final changes, publish those pages for approval by using Publish Action from ribbon UI.

Approval Workflow

Once Author publishes the content, the associated Approval Workflow is triggered and it will shows the start workflow page, where user can enter information for workflow like Due Date, Approval Request Message etc. This action now involves all member of approver group of site to take action on content workflow. Actions are Approve/Reject, Approve actions changes the Major Version of the Pages, makes those pages visible to users. Reject actions just rejects the changes made on content.


I hope this post gives beginner a good over sight on Basic of WCM.

Thanks for reading. 



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