SharePoint 2010

SHAREPOINT 2O10 – Enhancements in List

In SharePoint 2010 there are number of enhancements compare to MOSS 2007. In this post I am going to list out all new features which are available in SharePoint 2010.

  • List Relationship with Cascade and Restrict Deletion by providing Referential Integrity

In SharePoint 2010’s List you can define Referential Integrity like any RDBMS. Referential Integrity is enable by lookup columns. Referential Integrity supports Cascade Deletion or Restriction.

  • Uniqueness of a Column

Now SharePoint’s Columns also supports Unique Column constraint, this enforces Uniqueness of value. But this is scoped at SPList only. Unique Column constraint does not work on SPFolder level.

List is Indexed automatically when SPColumn is defined as Unique Column Constraint.

  • List Joins

With List Relationship in SharePoint 2010, now it enables Joins. It enables only Left and Inner Join but does not support Right Joins.

  • Validation with Formulas

Now you can write formula for validation of data for a columns in list. Formulas can be written at Column Level or List Level.

  • Tools Supported

Now in SharePoint 2010 you can use SharePoint Designer 2010 and Visual Studio 2010 to create, modify and to Delete List. SPD 2010 supports GUI Designer where as VS supports XML based schema definition creation.



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