SharePoint 2010

Service Application Framework on SharePoint 2010

The Service application framework in SharePoint 2010 provides a platform for developer to Build Middle-Tier Services and those are hosted in SFS 2010. he Service Application Framework enables services to be shared between computers on a server farm; it also helps load balance and manage services in SharePoint 2010.

Shared Service Provider “No More” in SharePoint 2010

There were challenges with SSP in MOSS 2007.

  • Not Extensible – No custom SSP
  • Web App were Tied to Specific SSP
  • The scope of SSP were limited to one FARM (It was possible but were little tricky)

Benefits of Service Application Framework

  • Can be shared across FARM
  • More Flexible and Scalable
  • Supports load Balancing

Service Application Framework – Architecture View

    A Service Actual Service deployed to FARM
    A Service Machine Instance Actual Instance of running Service Binaries on FARM
    Service Application Configuration of Service in the FARM
    Service Application Proxy Reference to the Service
    Service Consumer Service/Web Part/Custom Pages that utilizes or Consumes service


Below are Services which are available OOB.

  • Access Service
  • Application Discovery and Load Balancing Service
  • Application Registry Services
  • Business Data Connectivity Services
  • Excel Service Application
  • Managed Meta Data Service
  • Performance Point Service
  • Search Service Application
  • Secure Store Service
  • State Service
  • User Profile Service



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