SharePoint 2010

Sandboxed Solution- A brief Overview

Sandboxed Solution are also known as User Code or User Solution. Sandboxed solution runs under a secure Sandbox. A sandboxed solution is custom code that runs in a safe sandbox.

  • Sandboxed solution runs inside a separate process from W3WP.EXE.
  • Sandboxed solution are protected by a Code Access Policy.
  • Sandboxed solution are easily monitored.
  • Sandboxed Solution can be deployed and activated through Site Collection.
  • It runs under some standard strict restrictions, so it can only do certain things and is prevented from doing certain other
  • Sandboxed solution can be monitored by two levels of

    1. Site Collection Administrator

    2. Farm Administrator

  • Farm administrator to monitoring these sandboxed solutions can also set limits on the resource allocation to sandboxed solutions on a per site collection basis using the standard quota

The Sandbox Worker Process (SPUCWorkerprocess.exe)

The sandbox worker process is where your actual code runs. You can attach this process to your VS 2010 project for debugging your code.

Sandbox Worker Process Proxy

SharePoint Foundation server 2010 also has SPUCWorkerProcessProxy.exe, which is proxy process.

What is possible in Sandboxed Solution

In sandbox solutions, you are free to use the following:

  • Microsoft.SharePoint: Except SPSite constructor, SPSecurity, SPWorkItem and
    SPWorkItemCollection, SPAlertCollection.Add, SPAlertTemplateCollection.Add,
    SPUserSolution and SPUserSolutionCollection, and SPTransformUtilities
  • Microsoft.SharePoint.Navigation
  • Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities: Except SPUtility.SendEmail and
  • Microsoft.SharePoint.Workflow
  • Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages: Except SPWebPartManager, SPWebPartConnection, WebPartZone, WebPartPage, ToolPane, and ToolPart

Sandbox Solution Monitoring, Management, and Deployment

To monitor the Sandboxed solution at Site Collection level. You can visit Site Collection’s Site Setting –> Gallery –> Solution.

You will see how much resource quota has been allocated to you, how much of it you have been using, and how much of it you have used today.


Resource Quota

The farm administrator decided that your site collection should have 300 resource points. If you visit Central Admin –> Application Management –> Site Collection Quotas and Locks (refer below picture)



So overall, it is a great feature!!


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