SharePoint 2010

Power of PowerShell – How to Deploy WSP

This post gives insight on How PowerShell can be sued to “To deploy WSP on SharePoint 2010”.

a. First Get the solution

       $solution = Get-SPSolution | where-object {$_.Name -eq $SolutionName}

b. Now check if Solution is Installed
     if ($solution -ne $null)

c. If installed, check if Deployed

    if($solution.Deployed -eq $true)

d. If Deployed then Un-install first

   Uninstall-SPSolution –Identity $SolutionName -Confirm:$false

e. Then Remove

      Remove-SPSolution –Identity $SolutionName -Confirm:$false -Force

f. Now Add and Install  solution

  Add-SPSolution $SolutionPath     

  Install-SPSolution –Identity $SolutionName -GACDeployment -force


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